Introducing Azure App Service

A few posts ago, I mentioned that I’ll be introducing you to the Mary-go-round of the Azure Theme Park, namely, Azure App Service.

So, what the heck is Azure App Service anyway?

Well, at first brush, the name of this service is not very forthcoming. Most people won’t immediately guess what an “app service” is, however, it’s actually a lot more familiar than you think.

From web apps to mobile apps, we all know what an “app” is. Well, this is the area of Azure that helps bring your apps to life while keeping you focused on your application instead of worrying about underlying low-level details like the infrastructure, operation system, or even the app hosting platform itself.

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Azure Portals: Classic, New, and Preview

A lot of Azure newcomers get confused by the fact that there is more than one Azure portal.

This was especially a problem last year as Microsoft was transitioning from the “classic” portal to a new “preview” portal.

Back then, all of the Azure services were on the classic portal, however, Microsoft was launching a brand-new “preview” portal, which was re-imagined from scratch, and it promised to be more modern and slick than its predecessor.

The problem was that a lot of the documentation and online videos were based on the classic portal, and a lot of the services were yet to make their way through to the new “preview” portal.

These days, however, this is not much of a problem.

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Passive Learning For The Win

Are you a lifelong learner?

Do you constantly look for ways to surround yourself with opportunities to learn and level-up?

Do the off-white walls near your desk need a bit more pizazz?

Well, you’re in luck!

Check out all of these awesome Azure and Cloud infographics, from Microsoft, which can be printed as large posters and plastered all over your home and work offices!

Poster of 'What is Microsoft Azure'
What is Microsoft Azure?
Poster of 'Building Real World Applications'
Building Real World Applications on Azure
Poster of 'Cloud Design Patterns'
Cloud Design Patterns

Now even “staring at the wall” will be productive… you’re welcome 🙂

Stay curious,

Lighting the Way – Azure Edition

One of the biggest problems people have with moving to the cloud is the feeling of being in the dark.

You don’t know what’s coming, you don’t know what’s changed, and you have no way to shape the way things are heading.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Microsoft has been doing a great job over the past few years of being more transparent with developers, and their recent push to open-source everything has helped them adopt this collaborative mentality even further.

So, here are a few resources that I use to stay informed of all things Azure.

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