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When it comes to learning, not all resources are created equal.

If you’re like me and you’re on a permanent journey of leveling-up on technologies and skills, then you know that finding the right resources along the way is paramount.

Now, when it comes to learning a vast technology like Microsoft Azure, I find that there’s plenty of material out there at levels 100-300, but finding level 400 resources isn’t as simple.

Typically, you get that level of depth from technical books or video-courses, but sometimes what you need is just some in-depth documentation on advanced-usage scenarios and distilled best-practices straight from the experts and the community at large.

Well, to that end, allow me to introduce you to:

Azure Architecture Center

This is an extremely useful collection of advanced-learning resources. It’s created by Microsoft and includes a variety of reference architectures, cloud design patterns, and many articles on best-practices.

If you want a beeline to level-400 on many Azure related concepts, get cozy with this website.

Azure Architecture Center

Check it out here: Azure Architecture Center!

Azure Technical Case Studies

This is a perfect companion for the Azure Architecture Center as technical studies help bring together numerous concepts and frame them in real-world contexts. Being able to dive this deep into what Microsoft is doing with some of its partners and customers using Azure is quite eye-opening.

Hence, this is a great way to supplement your understanding of how Azure services are being used on projects other than your own (and the challenges faced and overcome in the process).

Microsoft Technical Case Studies

Check it out here: Azure Technical Case Studies!

Learning from the community’s experiences is a mastery-shortcut that we all ought to be taking, and lucky for us, Microsoft is cataloging and sharing a ton of these best-practices and real-world case studies to help each of us on our journeys!

Hope you learn a ton!

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