Long time no see!

Hey there,

Fact: It’s been a while since I’ve blogged.

I stopped blogging altogether after my first couple of introductory posts, and I’m not too happy about it.

At the time I published my first few introductory posts, I was at my old workplace, and had plenty of time and energy after work to dabble with blogging.

However, it was shortly after creating this blog that I ended up getting a fantastic job at a new company and what a difference it has been in terms of time and energy requirements at the new joint!

I was reinvigorated to pour hours into my work and other extra-curricular activities, and was excited to hang out with colleagues after work any chance I got.

This all meant I had little time to write the giant blog posts I originally intended about complex topics like design patterns.

However, I’ve made my peace with that now, and my current plan is to start a habit of posting regularly about the tech topics I’m most interested in these days, and refine my approach over time!

In other words, keep it agile and fail fast, that’s the only way to learn quickly and get better!

So, stay tuned for more posts coming your way very very soon!!