LessConfusing.com – Technical Overview

Well, second week, second post; so far so good!

I love programming and I love software architecture, and I think design patterns appeal to me because they are at the intersection of both of those disciplines.

Now, I’m under no illusion that this blog is the first to ever discuss design patterns, or that it’s going to cover new and uncharted ground on the topic anytime soon, but, that actually encourages me to build on what’s already out there, and try to share my own perspective on this topic.

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LessConfusing.com – The Origin Story

So, I’m blogging. Yes, that’s right; I finally did it.

For years, I’ve frequented and benefited from numerous software development blogs without ever thinking that I should, or even could, do this too. Well, that’s all changed now. This is my first (non-Hello-World) post, and there’s no turning back now. I certainly have John Sonmez from Simple Programmer to thank!

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